Compliance Policy

We value Ethics and Transparency.

This is a space designed to improve the quality of relations between employees, business partners and the community.

Through your manifestation, we will be able to identify opportunities to improve our practices, processes and attitudes.

You can register and speak with Complaints and Suggestions about facts that are related to the Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

What kind of incidentes should I report?

Contact us if you become aware of incidentes that violate applicable laws or internal guidelines (for example, Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy).

JCS tech employees can also use this communication channel.

How will my anonymity be protected?

To ensure your anonymity, data is trasmitted through the secure server. You will remain anonymous When submitting a report through the Platform, unless you decide to reveal your identity.

What happens after a report?

Allreports are sent through the secure server to the persons responsible at JCS tech. They will decide on the next procedure and will contact you in case of doubts or if additional information is needed. If requested, your anonymity will be protected. In the case of concrete reports of suspicions, specialists may be involved and na investigation may be initiated. The investigation may take several months, especially in complex cases. For data privacy reasons, the outcome of the investigation cannot usually be reported.

What happens if the contente of a communication turns out to be false afterwards?

It is importante that you belive of assume that the content of your communication is true at the time you send it and you did not send it with fraudulent intente.

We do not expect you to look for evidence or to clarify the indent yourself. We will resolve the issue. Therefore, the investigation may reveal that, after all, this is not na infrigement. Inthat case, you do not have to fear any negative consequences.

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